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St Alban and St Henry VI

A Parish of the Traditional Anglican Church in Britain

The Parish of St. Alban and St. Henry VI meets at the Liberal Catholic Church, Meadow Way, Letchworth, at 9:00 every Sunday.

We are very grateful to the Liberal Catholics for their hospitality.

All worship is in the Old Tradition based upon the Book of Common Prayer, the English Missal, and the English Hymnal.

About every month we hold a Solemn High Mass on a convenient Saturday, usually at 11:00. Please note that residents' parking restrictions are now in force in Meadow Way on Saturdays. Do not park there. You can still park on-street in Norton Way South. Also, the Methodist Chapel there has agreed that we can use its car park as a last resort, but if you do so please leave a notice in the car that you are attending worship at St. Albans.

The priest in charge is Michael Silver who can best be contacted for further information on 01462 684540 (in emergency 077 541 780 32). The website is maintained by Rev'd Michael Gray

Under the current restrictions, normal worship is impossible. Both priest endeavour to say mass privately at the usual times. We are now trying to resume the Saturday masses, though in impaired form. It is worth checking before travelling.

Forthcoming special Masses (provisional 2020)
3rd October11:00Michaelmass
7th November11:00All Saints
5th December11:00Advent feria
25th December9:00Christmass

Other Notices:

There have been many papers published on the previous version of this site. Most of them have little continuing value, so will not be restored. A few occasional pieces are offered:

A sermon for the Assumption 2016 (MS)

A sermon for the Epiphany 2017 (MS)

A sermon for the Annunciation 2017 (MS)

A sermon for Trinity XVII 2017 with a first response to the American initiative (MS)

A few thoughts about hell (MG)

A sermon for the Ascension 2018 (MS)

Our Traditional Calling

The Holy One has given us His Church that we might give glory to Him and that He might save us from evil and unite us to Himself. The Eternal Father sent both His Eternal, unique Son to destroy death and sin and His Eternal Spirit into our hearts to reclaim us as His own children (Romans 8:15-6). This remaking of creation is both His love and His glory. His Church is the Eternal Son's continuous presence in a troubled world.

The Church, sadly, is troubled enough for itself (and always has been) and yet recently it has also lost confidence in the very faith and authority that God has entrusted to it. Anglicans have been in the front line of this confusion, but as traditional Anglicans we want to make amends, be useful and rebuild God's Church. We desire that every Christian body should become stronger in that traditional faith which is our common inheritance.

We welcome you, as either a serious inquirer or a committed Christian, to join with us in daring to attempt to restore God's honour within His Church.

There are, alas, many traditional jurisdictions. In this parish we are part of The Traditional Anglican Church, which is in turn part of the Traditional Anglican Communion, active in many parts of the world where strange practices have driven Anglicans who hold to the Apostolic Faith and Order to seek refuge from error. There are, or course, no perfect jurisdictions. In these distracted times, it is for every Christian to be faithful to God within whatever body seems least unsuitable.